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Monster Kids: Show & Yell

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It’s the first day at a new school for C’Thoo, the Nether Thing and most of the class don’t seem very friendly. Peat the bog monster, Rey the optimistic skeleton, Eugene the pompous vampire and the twisted sisters, Ivy & Luna don’t seem very impressed by the new ghoul in school. The beastly bunch of misfits are much more interested in winning the prize for the best Show & Tell but C’Thoo, shouldn’t be underestimated....
Monster fun suitable for all ages.

“Ridiculous, madcap ghoulish fun... Monster Kids reads like an insane Saturday morning cartoon!” - Lorenzo Etherington

“Adorable & gross at the same time (in a very good way)” - Lizzie Boyle, Disconnected Press

£1 donation made to Dementia UK for every copy sold.

A5 - FULL COLOUR - 24 pages
(Cover may vary)