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Image of DIGITAL EDITION: Skrawl #1

This is for the DIGITAL Edition of SKRAWL #1. After purchase, a link to download your copy of the magazine will be emailed to you.

SKRAWL is a comic anthology magazine featuring professionals and up-and-comers from the UK's comic scene.

Catfood Comics fans will find 2 strips particularly interesting, a Catfood Commandos tale featuring cameos from a host of Catfood comics characters and a story of the intergalactic boxing champ, Slab Sharif.

Produced by the SKRAWLLORDZ, founded at LICAF 2019: Mark Hughes (Silverbeard), Russell Mark Olson (Gateway City), Nick Prolix (Slang Pictorial), Martin Simpson (Needleman), Pete Taylor (Silverbeard) and Gustaffo Vargas (Manu).

Guest spots by Simone D'Armini (The Spider King, Hillbilly), Phil Elliott (Tales from Gimbley), Rosie Packwood (Bun), Jessica Lucas (Yours, Yesterday), Matt Simmons (Bastard Galaxia), and the Cartoon Museum's Artist-in-residence, Mark Stafford (The Bad Bad Place). John Reppion (Conspiracy of Ravens) and Lucy Sullivan (Barking) provide an illustrated folk horror short story.