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100 Sketch Cards


Sketch cards are great! I always keep some within my reach, on my desk, in the back of my sketch book, in my wallet and when I have a spare moment or I’m thinking something through I grab one and start scribbling...
Over the last few years I’ve drawn over 500 of the little suckers. Some were commissions, some were gifts, all were fun. So I thought it would be cool to collect some of my favourites.
They cover a strange mix of subjects. whilst most are from the world of comics, there are some cartoon, film or TV characters and the odd personal creation (usually very odd).
A5 - FULL COLOUR - 24 pages
Includes FREE hand drawn sketch card.
(Please specify your requested character in the notes section of the order page or use the contact form.
One character per card only. If no request is made a random card will be sent.)